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Creating a healthy, productive workplace for employees

Good health is good for your business. Genesis Employer Solutions offers occupational health and employee wellness to create a healthy, productive workforce. Call us at (740) 454-4057 for an appointment to develop a personalized plan for a healthier business.

Genesis COVID-19 Employer Assistance

As your community healthcare partner, Genesis HealthCare System is offering complimentary tools, guidance and support as you deal with the new landscape of COVID-19. We’re here to help you navigate the employee challenges, such as:

· Establishing screening protocols
· Monitoring employees in the workplace
· Managing/tracking symptomatic employees and possible exposures
· Facilitating successful return to work for your employees

Watch: Employer Partnerships for COVID-19, May 1, 2020 (Video)

Employer Partnerships for COVID-19 Presentation, May 1, 2020 (PDF)

How the program works

Providing COVID-19 procedures to support our community businesses and schools for the workplace, employees and their families, is described by John Zimmerman, M.D., emergency medicine, Genesis Emergency Medicine and FirstCare.

Program participants

Participants in the free Genesis COVID-19 Employer Assistance Program share how they find the program helpful.

“We made significant preparations prior to the school year that included participating in a Genesis COVID-19 program that established a phone number for staff, parents and students to call. We appreciate the security knowing we have a system in place that will provide assistance from the healthcare professional.” –  Dave Adams, superintendent, East Muskingum School District.

“The program has been a very good resource for us as management and our human resources department. We’ve called and asked questions on several occasions. They’ve given us resources to help us through this.” – Eric Holsky, president & CEO, The Community Bank, Zanesville.

To get started

For more information about the Genesis COVID-19 Employer Assistance Program, call Josh Jones, director, Genesis Employer Solutions, at 740-454-4057. 

Health solutions for your business

To start on the path to improving the overall health status of your employees, we’ll evaluate your most common health-related expenses and develop a way to achieve results-driven healthcare savings.

Occupational health

Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and technicians deliver coordinated care to your employees in an efficient and effective manner. On-site and near-site services, in addition to services from our facility, are available to help you maintain a healthy workplace. Occupational Health services include:

• Bureau of Workers’ Compensation consultations
• Drug/alcohol screening services
• Health and medical diagnostic screenings
• Immunizations
• Injury management for Workers’ Compensation claims
• Physical examinations
• Substance abuse testing
• Tailored acute care visits (on-site)

Health and wellness

Our goals are the same – to reduce the amount you spend on healthcare and maximize the health of your employees. Genesis Employer Solutions offers occupational health and employee wellness to create a healthy, productive workforce.

Genesis Employer Solutions offers programs and services to maintain a healthy and productive workplace, either on-, near- or off-site. From injury management and employment physicals to employee wellness through acute care services, we have your staff covered.

Why choose Genesis Employer Solutions?

We offer a robust list of services for both employee wellness and occupational health services that include prevention, wellness and occupational health to provide your employees with a comprehensive approach to better health.

• On-site nurse practitioner services available
• Experts with years of experience in lifestyle modification education
• Diagnosing and treating work-related injuries
• Competitive pricing and package pricing available

Start today--call our occupational health team

If you have questions or would like more information, call Genesis Employer Solutions at (740) 454-4057. Our comprehensive Occupational Health and Employee Wellness services can make a difference to the health of your business.

For More Information

Call Genesis Occupational Health today at 740-454-4010 or 800-686-4352.

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