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Nutrition Education

Eat well and live a healthier lifestyle with help from our team of registered dieticians at Genesis HealthCare System. We offer a variety of programs for all ages.

Nutrition Consultation

Certain diagnoses and conditions can improve with the right diet. We’ll help you understand what you need to eat and why. Call Genesis Nutrition Education to learn more about diets and education for:

  • Athletic performance
  • Celiac disease
  • Cholesterol and heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • Diverticulitis (digestive inflammation)
  • Eating disorders
  • Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  • Pregnancy and breast feeding
  • Weight management for children, teens and adults

Your First Appointment

After your physician referral, you’ll be scheduled for a one-on-one appointment with a registered dietitian to talk about your diet. Together you'll create a meal plan and set nutrition and/or fitness goals that can work for you.

Monitoring Your Progress

Schedule follow-up sessions to monitor your progress, learn new skills―like label-reading and cooking modifications―and help you make positive changes in eating and exercise habits.

Mindful Eating at Genesis

At Genesis HealthCare System, we’re setting the example with mindful eating. Mindful eating is balancing nutrition while still enjoying the food and flavors you love. You’ll see Mindful logos on menu items in the Genesis Hospital cafeteria.

Track Your Progress

Keeping track of what you eat can help you understand where you need to make changes. Consider a handy dietary log to track your progress.

Community Education

You’ll find our nutritionists out and about in the community, helping you and your neighbors learn to make healthy eating choices. If you’re interested in having a dietician speak with your group, learn about our Speaker’s Bureau or call Genesis Nutrition today at 740-454-4568 or 866-351-6688.

Weight Loss Management Program

Would you like to have some help managing your weight? Get started now with the help of a registered dietitian and small groups. You can do it, and we can help! We now offer a Weight Loss Management program on the third Wednesday of each month.

You can also find upcoming nutrition classes and events that are open to the public.

Schedule Your Consultation

Ready to make changes for better health? Schedule your nutrition consultation today. Call 740-454-4568.

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