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A New Lease on Life

Mickey KennedyMickey Kennedy thought he’d have to live with a heart problem. "I was trying to accept the fact that my life had been altered and changed, and I was limited in what I could do in the future," Mickey said. Physicians at an ablation center in a large Ohio city couldn’t identify the problem and medication and a heart catherization didn’t help. Mickey’s cardiologist at Genesis, Keith W. Brantley, M.D. suggested Mickey be seen by electrophysiologist team at Genesis.

Heart Problem Is Diagnosed

The electrophysiologist found the problem; premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) caused Mickey’s heart to beat too early and made him feel sluggish and rundown. Because Mickey’s heart was also dilated, a defibrillator was recommended. The decision to do an ablation for PVCs, to cauterize the tissue where Mickey’s extra heartbeats originated. The procedure corrected the problem and a defibrillator and surgery wasn’t needed. Before the procedure, 35% of Mickey’s heartbeats were extra beats and after the ablation, the extra heartbeats were eliminated completely.

Back to Work

After the procedure, Mickey returned to work the next day as a PC analyst. "I was amazed at how much better I felt. There was a considerable difference in my mental and physical stamina. It gave me a new lease on life." Mickey has also been able to stop taking medication. "The only thing I’m on now is vitamins. My biggest problem is limiting myself, because I can do so much more. I feel much younger than I am," said the 60-year-old.

Mickey’s wife of 41 years, Susan, noticed the difference right away. He chuckled and broke into a grin. "She has to remind me to quit working," he said about their small farm outside of Zanesville. "Before, I could not do much around the house after I got home from work; now I’m up until 11 p.m. going strong. 

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