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Cancer Clinical Trials

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For more information about clinical trials available through Genesis HealthCare System, call our cancer research nurse, Karen Wickham, at 740-450-6351.

Through Genesis Cancer Services, you may qualify for a clinical trial that tests a promising new cancer therapy or treatment approach.

Benefits & Risks of Clinical Trials

If you’re eligible for a clinical trial, you gain access to treatments not yet available to the public and contribute to essential medical research. But, as with other types of medical treatment, your cancer therapy may cause side effects or may not benefit your condition. Cancer Services’ research nurse will act as your advocate and help ensure your safety during a clinical trial.

Learn more about what happens in clinical trials.

Available Clinical Trials

Below, view clinical trials that are accepting participants. Ask your doctor if one of the trials is right for you.

Before enrolling in a clinical trial, you’ll receive detailed information about the treatment being studied. Share your questions and concerns about the study with your doctor so you feel confident in your decision about participating.

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