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Lobectomy vs. Sublobar Resection

A Phase III Randomized Trial of Lobectomy versus Sublobar Resection for Small (<2) NSCLC



  1. Peripheral lung nodule ≤ 2 cm on CT and presumed to be lung cancer
  2. Tumor location suitable for either lobular or sub lobular resection
  3. PS 0-2
  4. No prior malignancy within 5 years
  5. No evidence of locally advanced or metastatic disease

Intra-operative randomization criteria

  1. Histologically confirmed NSCLC
  2. confirmation of N0 status


  1. Lobectomy: if VATS lobectomy is planned surgeons must be credentiale
  2. Limited resection: segmentectomy or wedge resection

Follow up

There are pre-operative eligibility criteria and intra-operative eligibility criteria. Only pts meeting BOTH the pre-operative and intra-operative eligibility will be considered "on-study". 

IRB Protocol Number
CALGB 140503
Principal Investigator(s)
J. Phillip Kuebler

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Cancer
Columbus Community Clinical Oncology Program
RN. Wendy Long, RN at 740-586-6618