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A Phone Call Away

Seth Brock pulls a worn business card from his jean’s pocket with Scott Wegner’s, M.D., personal phone number on it. Seth has kept the card in his billfold since the first time he met Dr. Wegner in September 2010. He clears his throat to keep back the emotions about how much the personal WrapAround care means to him. “I was flabbergasted – you don’t expect a doctor to give out their personal phone number.”

Dr. Wegner gave Seth his phone number during their first meeting when Seth learned he had cancer. The symptoms started when Seth had some knee pain. He hadn’t been sick and felt fine – other than the pain in his knee. When a torn meniscus was ruled out, his family physician suggested a blood test. The results revealed Seth’s white blood count was more than 70,000 – about 10 times normal. Then a bone marrow biopsy revealed it was leukemia.

Beside You Every Step of the Way

Dr. Wegner was right beside Seth when he learned the name of the cancer – chronic myeloid leukemia, Philadelphia chromosome – positive. The type of cancer is rare and is a genetic abnormality. “What impressed me about Dr. Wegner was the fact that he was familiar with this rare type of cancer. He told me I could go anywhere else if I’d like to get a second opinion. I appreciated his openness.” Seth didn’t look elsewhere. “I knew that this was the guy I wanted to have treat my cancer.”

Seth’s treatment includes medication he takes two times a day. He was diagnosed in September, and by spring he was playing softball. Seth only missed a few days of work and was soon back to the family’s welding business.

Compassionate Care Close to Home

Seth appreciates that he was able to be cared for close to home for the rare cancer. “I didn’t want to have to travel out of town for the same treatment I could receive here.” Along with the WrapAround care, he credits his faith and being surrounded by family and friends with his recovery.

Seth is in remission and recently had a 3-month check up at the new Genesis Cancer Care Center. “I was the first patient at the new center when it opened and that meant a lot to me.”

The business card in his back pocket with Dr. Wegner’s phone number also means a lot to him and is just another reminder of the WrapAround Care he receives at Genesis.

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