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WrapAround Care at its Finest

Holly McAllister experienced the best care she’d ever had – even before she learned she had cancer. “From the very first test, the gentleness and compassion that enveloped me was awesome. This was even before I became a cancer patient,” she said.

Holly is a dentist in the community and like the Genesis Cancer Service’s staff – concentrates on providing compassionate care. “We want our patients to feel like family,” she said. “To feel like family and feel that loved while undergoing treatments for cancer was not something I expected.”

When Holly learned she had cancer, she was expecting to go to a metro area for care. That’s when her family doctor encouraged her to receive care at Genesis, and she’s glad she did. “Never in my life have I had such compassion, love and concern from staff and caregivers,” Holly said. Both her parents had cancer treatments at a metro hospital. “There wasn’t the consistency of care and being able to be greeted by the same smiling faces as here.”

Quick Care

Holly was impressed with how quickly she was able to receive treatment at Genesis. After discovering a bruise that wouldn’t go away, she had a biopsy. “I got the phone call that it was cancer on Monday and was able to see the breast care specialist on Wednesday. It was phenomenal and mind boggling,” Holly said. “Within a little over a week I had gone from diagnosis to treatment.”

Holly was diagnosed with stage 2, triple-negative breast cancer. She had chemotherapy, and then chose to have a double mastectomy for the aggressive breast cancer. She appreciated the compassionate staff being beside her every step of the way. “I got the flu, and I called the navigator, and she told me step by step what to do. The navigator was not only a professional; she also became my friend,” Holly said.

Little Things Mean a Lot

Those simple everyday things made a big difference. “Simple everyday life questions are not simple everyday life things when you have cancer,” she recalled. “When I was going through treatments the staff would ask, ‘Do you want a hat today or do you want ice water?’”

The WrapAround care, her faith and sense of humor have helped Holly through the cancer diagnosis and treatment. She returns to the Genesis Cancer Care Center every three months for checkups and has received good reports. She can’t envision going anyplace else for cancer care. “I can’t imagine better, more compassionate care anywhere in the world,” Holly said.

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