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In 24 hours, Debby Anderson’s life was changed forever. She was having frequent urination – making a trip to the bathroom about every 10 minutes – so she made an appointment with her gynecologist, Linda T. Swan, M.D.

The nurse practioner at Dr. Swan's office ordered the ultra sound that found the bladder mass. Debby was referred to Benjamin Gibson, M.D., a urologist at Genesis. She was diagnosed with stage 3 bladder cancer and was seen by Scott Wegner, M.D., medical director of the Genesis Hematology & Cancer Care Center, the same day.

"It was a big shock," Debby said. "I wondered how I could have bladder cancer. I didn’t feel sick." Debby needed advanced care right away. "My biggest fear was having to go to a big city hospital," she said. "I had worked in Detroit and Cleveland, and my mother and brother-in-law had been in big city hospitals, so I was dreading the thought of going someplace where I didn’t know anybody."

Quality Care Close By

Debby was able to have the advanced treatment she needed close to home. "I’m grateful to Genesis for providing expert care so that I could receive treatment here," Debby said. "I’ve never had better doctors in my whole life. The whole staff is wonderful; they’re so compassionate.

Along with the Genesis staff, Debby was supported by about 30 friends and family throughout her treatments. After surgery to remove the cancer around her bladder, she underwent three rounds of chemo and then an 8-hour surgery to remove the bladder, followed by 10 days in the hospital. "I might have had two people if I’d have had to go to a major metro area. My friends and family just can’t pick up and go. It would have been hard on them to have to go to a big city," Debby said.

Back to Enjoying Life

Less than a year later, Debby doesn’t have any signs of cancer and is back to enjoying the things she likes to do – traveling to rough truck contests with her son and husband, gardening and being outdoors on the acreage in South Zanesville where she grew up.

"I would recommend anybody stay here for cancer care," Debby said. "If you have to have cancer … this is the place to be."

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