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Funded Projects

When you donate to the Genesis HealthCare Foundation, you can be assured your money is being used to assist Genesis in providing the highest quality of health care. Here are just a few of the projects made possible through funds from the foundation in recent years.

2014-2015 Foundation Scholarships

Each year the Foundation awards scholarships to deserving local students pursuing a degree in health care. More than 20 students in Muskingum, Morgan, Perry and other counties benefit from the funding yearly. The scholarship application is available in April and is due to the Foundation in June each year. In the past 5 years, the Foundation has awarded more than $120,000 to local students.


The Genesis HealthCare Foundation committed $15 million over a 5-year period to support Genesis HealthCare System in the development of a new regional hospital.

In today's health care environment, high quality leads to prosperity and growth. Genesis has the physicians, technology base and professional staff to prosper and grow. We built on this solid foundation and created a modern hospital to bring 21st century health care to southeastern Ohio.

Take a Virtual Tour of our new Genesis Hospital.

2010 Equipment for New Cardiac EP Lab

In 2009, Genesis began offering electrophysiology (EP) services, in which electrical problems of the heart are diagnosed and treated, when M. Magdy Migeed, M.D., cardiac electrophysiologist, joined Genesis as the Medical Director of Heart Rhythm Services.

In order to provide the highest level of EP services, a new piece of equipment – the Siemens Artis zee biplane system – was needed, and the foundation provided the $1.4 million to purchase it. The biplane is an imaging system that, when used with a mapping system, enables the electrophysiologist to see rotating, CT-like images of the heart in 3D.

2009/2008 IV Pump System

Genesis’ commitment to patient safety and quality care was reinforced in 2008 with the introduction of technology that reaches into every patient room. The Cardinal Health Alaris® “Smart Pump” IV System ensures the correct administration of intravenous drugs and provides an additional safety mechanism in the delivery of patient care.

The foundation funded the project, giving $2.5 million over two years to make this huge investment in the future of health care in our community.

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