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  • Renee and Brian Coll

Twins Receive Intensive Care Close to Home

Renée and Brian Coll were excited about becoming the parents of twins, but they didn’t expect their babies to need intensive medical care for an extended period of time. They certainly hadn’t planned on the challenges that can bring, including having to drive long distances to be with their babies.

Thankfully, long drives were only necessary for a short time, because the Colls discovered Genesis-Bethesda has a Level II Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN), a special place for high risk newborns.

So Far Away

Renée went into labor 32 weeks into her pregnancy. The couple was living in Guernsey County when Renée had an emergency C-section at the local hospital. Carter, weighing 4 pounds, 3 ounces; and Clare at 3 pounds, 13 ounces, were born eight weeks premature on May 17, 2010. They were promptly transferred to a children’s hospital in Akron.

Forty hours later when she was released from the hospital, Renée traveled to Akron to be with Brian and the twins. Brian came to see their first children about every other evening while managing the recycling business the couple owns in Zanesville. Brian along with help from Renée’s family moved the couple into a new home in Zanesville, while she was in Akron with the twins.

Renée was recuperating from surgery and helping care for her babies at the hospital daily. Carter and Clare had been in the children’s hospital for 17 days when the couple discovered the babies could be transferred to the Intermediate Care Nursery (ICN) at Genesis-Bethesda, a Level II nursery with staff specially trained to care for high risk newborns.

The Colls were relieved that Carter and Clare could receive the special care they needed, like feeding tubes and 24/7 intensive nursing care, closer to home.

The couple was impressed with the specially trained staff and high quality care the babies received at Genesis. “The doctors and nursing staff were as qualified as the staff at the special children’s hospital,” Brian said.

Long Hours Made Easier 

Renée was comforted by the care. After feeding the twins at 9 p.m., she would leave the hospital to go home and get some rest. “I would call in to talk to the nurse at 11 p.m., and then we could sleep in our own bed knowing our babies were taken care of.”

The Colls also found the staff and physicians were very compassionate. The pediatricians would update the babies’ conditions to Renée while she was in the nursery. Then they would call Brian at work and update him as well.

The pediatricians also coddled the children. “When doctors enter the room and immediately pick up your baby, it shows they care,” she said. “There were fewer babies here than in a large children’s hospital, so our babies got special attention.” Carter came home after nine days in the ICN, and Clare stayed a total of 22 days.

Happy Ending

Today the twins are rambunctious 15-month-olds. Renée is grateful for the care they received and commemorated the 1-year anniversary of the twins’ arrival at Genesis-Bethesda by donating two baby blankets she quilted. “The nurses remembered the babies’ names a year later when we came back,” she said.

She plans to donate two blankets on the anniversary of the twin’s arrival at Genesis-Bethesda every year. “I want other families to know about the Genesis ICN, so they don’t have to go through that separation from family and being away from home like we did.”


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