Spirit of Women had another wonderful Spirit of Pink! Several business partners helped raise funds towards breast cancer research and we held our second annual Bra's Beacause We Care contest. We welcomed our new Director of Radiation Oncology, Dr. Garg Gupta, and Dr. Wegner introduced plans for the Dr. Nick A. & Nancy R. Sarap Cancer Center.



Bra's Because We Care 2013! 

  • The winner! "Z-Bra" by Genesis Outpatient Surgery
  • "Aaaaargh You Doing Your Breast Exams" by Genesis Hematology & Cancer Care
  • "It's a Fact Jack Protect Your Rack" by Genesis Vascular Access Team
  • "Big and Small Save them All" by Genesis Cancer Research
  • "Egglands Breast" by Genesis Critical Care Unit
  • "Hands Full of Support" by 5 West A
  • "Hunt Down Cancer and Protect Your Rack" by Genesis Information Technology
  • "Lace Up the Cure" by Genesis Food & Nutrition
  • "Psyched About Sweater Puppies" by Genesis Behavioral Health
  • "Quest for the Cure" by The Office of Dr. Ijaz
  • "Sock it to Cancer is the Breast Answer" by Genesis Imaging Services
  • "the Palliative Care Push-Up" by Genesis Palliative Medicine
  • "We Mustache You, Have You Had Your Mammogram?"

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