Mom's Bed & Breakfast

We know how important it is for you to stay close to your baby. Therefore, if you are discharged, but your baby needs to stay longer, our Mom’s Bed and Breakfast Program allows you to stay an extra day as a visitor, and the program is free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some frequently asked questions about the Mom’s Bed and Breakfast Program.

Will I receive nursing care for myself?

You are actually discharged from the hospital when you enter into the bed and breakfast program. According to state law, we cannot provide you nursing care since you are no longer a patient, but we can let you stay here, close to your newborn.

Will my doctor visit me?

Remember you are a visitor, not a patient, so your doctor will not visit you.

Will my baby’s doctor visit or talk with me?

Yes, your baby is still a patient and will receive full medical attention.

Where will I stay?

You will stay in your same room or another room on the maternity unit, if there is enough space. If the unit is full, you will stay in a room off the unit (if available).

Where will I visit my baby?

If the room you stay in while taking part in the bed and breakfast program is on the maternity unit, your baby may stay in your room if he or she is well. If your room is off the unit, you may visit your baby in the nursery or another visiting area.

What if I wish to leave my room?

You are no longer a patient, so you may come and go as you wish. For safety, you must always return your baby to the nursery if you leave your room. Also, please let the nursing staff know if you leave.

Will I get meals?

As a courtesy, you will receive a free breakfast. For other meals, you may visit the hospital cafeteria or make other arrangements.

How many days may I stay?

Generally, you may participate in the program for one day. If additional time is needed, check with a nurse for availability.

May I have visitors?

Yes, you may have visitors during regular visiting hours. Your children over the age of 12 are also welcome during visiting hours.

Who can stay?

Your significant other and your newborn may stay overnight in your room.

What if the hospital is full and there are not enough beds for me to stay?

Patients are cared for first, so in this rare instance you will not be able to stay at the hospital. However, you may visit as often and as long as you wish.

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