Genesis Women's Boutique

A Special Place for Women

You deserve a place where you’re comfortable shopping for your health care needs. A place where you can be secure in asking personal questions and receiving knowledgeable answers. A place where you feel understood and valued.

The Genesis Women’s Boutique is such a place.

Our boutique specializes in products, services, clothing and accessories for women embracing motherhood, coping with menopause or battling breast cancer. You’ll always find the best and most innovative brands in health care products here.

Finding Products to Fit Your Needs

Our trained staff is ready to help you find the products that best meet your needs. And, our certified fitters will make sure your products fit properly.

We’re here to help you through life’s journeys, both joyous and challenging.

What We Offer

The boutique offers a wide variety of items, including: 

Skin care – L'Athene natural skin care products 

Maternity – nursing bras

Infants – developmental toys

Menopause – skin care, sleepwear 

Incontinence supplies – wide variety of supplies

Mastectomy supplies – prosthetics, bras, scarves, hats, wigs    

Unique gifts – jewelry, totes, candles

Store Location and Hours

Located in the Genesis Cancer Care Center (740) 454-4701

Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Women's Health Learning Center

Women_Row_PanelAs your body changes, you are bound to have questions you never thought of before. Visit our Learning Center for Women's Health to explore a range of women's health issues.