Respiratory Health

Black Lung & Respiratory Health Clinic

If you have a chronic lung disease, the black lung & respiratory health clinic may be able to help you. Originally formed as the black lung clinic toRespiratory Clinic treat coal miners, the clinic also treats those who have ongoing breathing problems due to work-related exposure to materials such as pottery dust, asbestos or other chemicals and substances that can cause lung problems. Anyone with a breathing problem can be treated in the clinic.

This federally funded service is staffed with a physician and respiratory therapists. In addition to ongoing treatment and personal support from staff, patients may also participate in the Better Breathing Club, which provides regular education and support from other patients. Find out more information about the respiratory support group, the Better Breathing Club.

Clinic Services

You can receive screenings, diagnosis, education, rehabilitation, treatment and exercise programs at the clinic. Tests for black lung claims, paid for by the Department of Labor, are also available at the clinic along with help filing claims and completing paperwork.

The clinic is located in the Physicians Pavilion at Genesis-Bethesda. For more information, call (740) 454-4063 or 800-322-4762, extension 4063.

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