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  • Runner Gets Back on Track

Runner Gets Back on Track

Falling Short of the Goal

Sean Bradford was an athletic, healthy 15-year-old cross-country runner at John Glenn High School, when suddenly a normal race took a turn for Seanthe worse. Sean was running at a meet, when he passed out, fell and hit his head during the competition. Sean’s primary physician, Kevin Miller, M.D., PrimeCare Pediatrics, then referred Sean to Genesis Rehabilitation Services.

Building From the Ground Up

When Sean arrived at the Center for Occupational and Outpatient Rehab, Jenna Scholl, physical therapist, was surprised at the severity of the teen’s condition. Sean was barely able to stand, and couldn’t even keep his eyes open due to the sensitivity of light. “He knew what day it was but had to think hard when asked,” Scholl said. Using a Sport Concussion Assessment Tool, Scholl evaluated Sean’s injury and found that he had a serious concussion. While continuing to monitor Sean’s symptoms, Scholl started his rehab.

Keeping the Pace

Sean’s symptoms were improving with every visit, but he continued to have constant dizziness, and couldn’t even finish a day of class. With the help of Wendy Robinson, P.T., a specialized therapist at Genesis, another evaluation showed that Sean had a type of vertigo. This vertigo causes calcium-like crystals to float in the inner ear and allows the person to feel like he’s spinning. The therapist then performed a maneuver to free the crystals.

A First Place Finish

Sean began walking, then jogging and finally running with Scholl watching his progress each step of the way. Sean’s mom, Lisa Bradford said, “It meant the world to us to have the specialized care close to home.”  Sean’s main goal was to run in another cross-country meet, which he achieved about a month after the concussion. Sean said, “They told me everything was going to happen in rehab and I felt really informed. I couldn’t have done it without Jenna. She encouraged me all along the way.”

Sean has been able to get back on track with the help of Genesis Rehabilitation Services.

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