Sportsmetrics™ Training

Genesis Rehabilitation Services is a certified clinical site for Cincinnati SportsMedicine and Orthopaedic Center’s nationally acclaimed Sportsmetrics™ program designed specifically to help female athletes refine neuromuscular control of their lower limbs.

Female Athletes

One of every 100 high school female athletes and one out of every 10 collegiate female athletes will suffer from a serious knee injury this year. Research has proven that females who participate in this jumping program are less likely to have a serious knee injury.

Our physical therapists are certified in Sportsmetrics™, and female athletes of middle and high school age or older can benefit from this valuable training.

Additional Information

You can learn more about Sportsmetrics™ here or by calling the Genesis Center for Outpatient & Occupational Rehabilitation at (740) 455-5151.

Knee Pain

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