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Published on September 03, 2013

Baseline Concussion Test for Student Athletes

If you've ever had a child who has experienced a concussion, you footballunderstand the concern about knowing when it's safe for your student athlete to get back in the game. Genesis Rehabilitation Services offers a baseline test for student athletes to help determine when student athletes can safely return to play after a concussion.

Establish a Baseline Score

Here's how it works. Before beginning practices, the student athletes take a 20-minute computer test to evaluate attention span, memory, problem solving and reaction time. The evaluation is called the ImPACT test (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing). It provides a baseline score to help make objective comparisons about when the athlete can safely return to play. If your student athlete returns to play too soon and has a second concussion before the brain is healed, the injury could result in Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) and increased swelling in the brain.

How To Get Tested

Genesis Rehabilitation Services provides the tests at area schools. An agreement must be completed by the schools before beginning. If you’d like to find out how athletes at your school can be tested, have your athletic director or coach email Lisa Lynn at or call the Genesis Center for Occupational & Outpatient Rehabilitation (COOR) at (740) 455-5151 or 877-455-5151.

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