Genesis Sports Medicine

Chances are you or someone in your family has had an injury related to playing sports. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a serious competitor, we offer a variety of services to get you back in the game.

In our sports medicine program, we have experienced physicians who provide specialized care to treat and prevent injuries resulting from sports or exercise. Our lineup of qualified specialists ranges from physical therapists certified in concussion management to highly skilled orthopedic surgeons. Find out how we can help you get off the bench and back in the game.

Genesis Programs Offered

Concussion Management Program

The number of student athletes sustaining a concussion is growing every year. If you have a child playing sports, chances are you've been to a game where a student athlete sustained a concussion. A concussion is a brain injury caused by a jolt or blow to the head. If the signs of a concussion are not recognized and managed properly, the injury can result in brain damage or death.

We offer a concussion management program to test children ages 10 and older for the injury and evaluate them before returning to play. Returning to play before the brain has fully recovered can prolong recovery and worsen the condition.

Our physical therapists at Genesis Rehabilitation Services are specially trained to assess concussions. The experienced physical therapists use a standardized test, the Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (SCAT 2), to evaluate your child following a concussion in any sport.

The physical therapists coordinate rehabilitation with your student's referring physician, provide feedback and make recommendations based on international concussion guidelines. Your athlete is monitored and progressed through each stage of the Return-to-Play program and is retested after each step.

The guidelines follow the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) rule which states that only physicians or certified athletic trainers can make decisions about Return-to-Play for concussions.

Additional Information

For more information on the concussion management program, call the Genesis Center for Occupational & Outpatient Rehabilitation (COOR) at (740) 455-5153.

Orthopedic Surgery

If you're tired of the pain and agony resulting from a sports-related injury, Genesis Orthopedic Services can help you become active again. Whether the problem is a torn ACL or rotator cuff or an injury requiring arthroscopic surgery, our skilled board-certified surgeons can help you return to a more active lifestyle.

You'll find specially equipped operating rooms, a dedicated inpatient orthopedic unit, inpatient rehab, a skilled nursing facility and injury and disease prevention education. Even more important is the commitment to excellence in clinical quality, made possible by a team of well-trained and dedicated staff.

For Additional Information

For more information on orthopedic services at Genesis or for a referral to an orthopedic specialist, call the Genesis NurseLine at (740) 455-4949 or 800-948-4949.

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