The Beat Goes On

With Heart Care Close to Home 

Bill Randles Bill Randles was exercising on a stationary bike when suddenly he couldn’t breathe and passed out. His heart was out of rhythm, and he wasn’t receiving enough oxygen.

He was transported to Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital where he received an advanced pacemaker, called a biventricular ICD. “If I had not been close, I probably wouldn’t be here today,” said Randles, a Zanesville native. “We’re fortunate to have high quality medical care in the community. It’s comforting to know if something goes wrong, I don’t have to drive an hour or more to get help.” 

Randles received care from M. Magdy Migeed, M.D., cardiac electrophysiologist and medical director of Genesis Heart Rhythm Services. Electrophysiology involves monitoring and controlling the electricity that regulates the heart rhythm, and these specialists are usually only located in metro areas. Dr. Migeed is the only specialist in southeastern Ohio who has the advanced training and education to diagnose and treat abnormal heart rhythms. 

Enjoying Life Again

Two weeks after the procedure, Randles was feeling better and enjoying life. The 77-year-old traveled with his family to take his grandson to college at Virginia Tech. He and his wife, Cheryl, are retired and have three grown children. 

“I’ve been enormously pleased with Dr. Migeed and Dr. Pool, my cardiologist (Duane Pool, M.D., Cardiology Associates of SE Ohio, Inc.),” Randles said. “The care was excellent. I couldn’t have received better treatment from the nurses and the doctors.”