Heart Care Treatment Locations

Genesis Heart & Vascular care services are offered in a variety of inpatient hospital units and in several outpatient settings, depending on your needs.

Each area is staffed by a team specially trained in heart care. They understand the unique needs of heart patients and are skilled at giving you high quality, compassionate care and sharing their knowledge, so you can be an active member of your treatment team.

Inpatient Care

All inpatient heart units are located at Genesis Hospital, which is an accredited chest pain center and has also earned Congested Heart Failure (CHF) accreditation.

Emergency room

When a heart attack strikes, seconds count.

With swift attention and expert knowledge, the emergency department team is a big reason why Genesis exceeds state and national ratings in the amount of time it takes for heart attack patients to get the critical treatment needed to open blood vessels and restore blood flow to the heart

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Interventional Recovery Unit

Pre-admission testing and procedure preparation are performed on the Interventional Recovery Unit. Patients also stay on this unit for same-day recovery after a cardiac catheterization.

Open-heart Recovery

Immediately after open-heart surgery, patients stay in the open-heart recovery area (located in the critical care unit) where nurses continually assess and evaluate their status.

The typical length of stay in the open-heart recovery area is less than 24 hours.

Step-Down Unit

After staying in the open-heart recovery unit, patients move to the step-down unit where electronic monitors at each bedside enable constant monitoring.

This unit is also a step-down or observation area for patients who have undergone invasive cardiology procedures or are having heart attack symptoms.

Telemetry Units

Patients with a secondary heart diagnosis or a known heart problem may be cared for on a medical telemetry unit where their heart health is monitored while their primary medical problems are treated.

Cardiac Unit

The team of nurses and support staff on the cardiac unit are specially trained to care for patients with heart problems. They have the skill, training and compassion to make your recovery smooth.

Outpatient Areas

Heart patients receive testing, support and recovery services in several convenient locations.

Heart & Vascular Rehab Gym

The rehabilitation gym is located at Genesis Hospital, where heart experts gently guide patients through exercises to strengthen the heart. As patients advance through the stages of the program, they move to the Muskingum Recreation Center with exercise physiologists who continue to work with them and monitor their progress.

Cardiac Diagnostic Testing

Most outpatient imaging tests (CTs, MRIs, Xrays) are done at the Genesis Imaging Center, located in the HealthPlex on Maple. EKG testing is not available at the Genesis Imaging Center. Click here to find out where EKG testing is located. Some services are also offered at Genesis HealthCenters in Somerset and New Concord, and at the Cambridge HealthCenter.

Anticoagulation Clinic

The Genesis Anticoagulation Clinic makes it easier for patients on blood-thinning medications like Coumadin® or warfarin, to monitor their medications and their health.

Heart & Vascular Clinic

The Genesis Heart & Vascular Clinic works in collaboration with your doctor to provide you with optimal care for your congestive heart failure. Our goal is to increase your quality of life.

We provide outpatient care for heart failure including:

  • Home Telemonitoring for weights, vital signs and pulse oximetry
  • Individualized education
  • Pacemaker checks and ICD evaluation
  • And more

Call (740) 454-4242 to schedule an appointment.

Clinic Hours:

8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.