Fall Prevention

Falls are the leading cause of injury-related Emergency Department visits, hospitalizations and deaths for Ohioans aged 65 and older. Fall related ED visit and hospitalizations rates for Ohioans 65 years and older are higher than rates for all other injuries combined (ODH vital statistics sheet). Falls are the leading cause of injury at Genesis as well as nationwide. The majority of people who fall are independently living seniors, and many then will have to change their living conditions after falling even just once. Falls are now at epidemic rates, from 2000-2011, Ohians aged 65 and older experienced a 167 percent increase in the number of fatal falls and 145 percent increase in the fall death rate. Falls are not a normal part of aging. There are simple steps that adults can take to reduce their risk for a fall. Click on the options

State plan for reducing the number of falls experienced in Ohio
This plan is put together by the Ohio Injury Prevention Partnership (OIPP), which is part of the Violence and Injury Prevention Partnership.  Falls are a priority for the OIPP, and this is their current plan for reducing fall rates.

This is a collaborative between Ohio government and local businesses to help reduce falls in Ohio.  This website is the website for all Ohioans regarding fall prevention, tips and tools, and information regarding falls.


Matter of Balance
This is an evidence based program that is shown to reduce the amount of falls and to reduce the fear of falling. Find a class near you: http://aging.ohio.gov/steadyu/resources/matterofbalance.aspx

Tip Sheets

Fall Prevention Websites


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