Healthy Lifestyle Program for Children and Families

Children shaping their futureShaping Futures is an interactive hands-on program for children 5 to 11 years old. It’s designed to help children and families make healthy lifestyle choices. With the help of our team, you and your child will be able to make positive changes toward a healthy future.

The program includes:

•Safe, fun games and exercise

•Nutrition education

•Opportunities to learn games and exercises to do at home

•Methods for improving healthy choices and behaviors

•Individual medical assessments

Your child will have sessions with the Shaping Futures team to set health and behavior goals. These group sessions cover different lessons on health and nutrition. During each session your child will have the opportunity to participate in fun games and exercise. The Shaping Futures team will be there with you and your child every step of the way.

All Classes taught by a Certified Fitness Professional

Each session is instructed by a certified fitness professional. Nutrition activities include meal planning tips, portion control and making healthy choices. Before starting the program, the child meets with their physician and visits with a registered dietitian to identify risk factors and set reasonable goals.

At the end of six weeks, follow-up visits with the child’s physician assess progress. If you have questions, call Genesis Nutrition Education at 454-4568 or toll-free at 866-351-6688.

Support Group

Join us for the Diabetes Support Group. For more info, call (740) 454-4568.