A Program Designed for Children

Do you know children who struggle with their weight? We offer a program called Shaping Futures for children ages 5 to 11 years old. Children and Children shaping their futureparents participate in the four week program concentrating on improving eating habits and exercise. 

Sessions One Hour Long

The one-hour sessions provide nutrition and exercise training for children and their parents. The exercise sessions include age-appropriate physical activities such as obstacle courses and circuit training.

All Classes taught by a Certified Fitness Professional

Each session is instructed by a certified fitness professional. Nutrition activities include meal planning tips, portion control and making healthy choices. Before starting the program, the child meets with their physician and visits with a registered dietitian to identify risk factors and set reasonable goals.

At the end of six weeks, follow-up visits with the child’s physician assess progress. Overweight children are more likely to develop health problems typically associated with adults such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes. 

Ohio ranks 12th highest in childhood obesity, and more than one third of the state’s third graders are overweight/obese. For registration information call (740) 454-4568 or (866) 351-6688.

Support Group

Join us for the Diabetes Support Group. For more info, call (740) 454-4568.