Diabetes Programs   

Our programs and exercise classes can help you and your support system manage the condition. We offer two different options, one being a Diabetes Exercise Program and the other is a Self-Management Session. You'll find that we offer one of the few Diabetes Management programs in our area recognized by the American Diabetes Association (ADA) as providing quality self-management education. The diabetes self-management sessions include a personal evaluation; four 2-hour classes for you and your support person to attend; and one follow-up session with a nurse or dietitian.


Self-Management Sessions

The sessions include how to:

                  • Understanding diabetes
                  • To care for and monitor diabetes
                  • Recognize the signs, symptoms and how to treat the condition
                  • Avoid complications
                  • Plan healthy meals and carbohydrate counting
                  • Set goals for healthy behaviors

The sessions are open to people with Type 1, Type 2 or gestational diabetes and a support person. You can attend sessions that fit your schedule - morning, afternoons or evenings. The program is designed to help you manage diabetes - whether you've been recently diagnosed or have had diabetes for decades.

The cost of the diabetes management sessions can be billed to your insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. If you have questions about the outpatient diabetes education coverage, call your insurance provider. Some insurance carriers require pre-certification before attending classes.

Diabetes Exercise Program

Do you want to learn how to be active, feel better with exercise and still control your blood sugar? Our exercise program is open to people living with diabetes including those who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes and your support person.

The program includes:

  • Exercise facility & clinical staff
  • A one-on-one fitness assessment
  • Exercise prescription

You'll also take home information on:

  • Foot care and proper shoe selection for exercise
  • Exercise safety and precautions
  • Managing blood sugar levels during and after exercise
  • Healthy eating
  • Home Exercise
  • Stress Management

Click here to register for the Diabetes Exercise Program.

Diabetes Exercise Program

This fun, interactive program runs for eight weeks at the Physicians Pavilion at Genesis Hospital. The cost is $100 and financial aid is available.

To learn more call the Genesis Diabetes Education staff at (740) 454-4568 or 866-351-6688.

Support Group

Join us for the Diabetes Support Group. For more info, call (740) 454-4568.