Cancer Surgery

Cancer surgery. Hearing this phrase may cause anxiety, but surgery is the primary treatment for many types of cancer, especially if the disease iscancer surgery localized to one area of the body. 

Surgery has some great benefits. Cancer surgery confirms a diagnosis, often relieves side effects, eases pain, and determines how advanced the cancer is. 

Thanks to new and more sophisticated techniques, surgeons are often able to achieve remarkable results. Your cancer team knows how to help you or your loved one through the experience.

Our surgeons at Genesis HealthCare System are highly qualified to perform sophisticated surgeries using the latest technologies. Their expertise is available to you close to home. In fact, expert care is waiting for you in your own backyard. 

For more information, call Genesis Cancer Care at (740) 454-5992 or 1-800-990-5992.

Breast Cancer Quiz

The number of new cases of breast cancer has jumped dramatically worldwide in the last 20 years. Keep yourself informed, try our Breast Cancer Quiz.

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