Genesis Cancer Risk Program

Are you at risk for hereditary cancer? Find out through the Genesis Cancer Risk Program.

Your cancer genetics nurse will work with you to complete a family medical history and help you understand the role genes play in causing Genetic testingcancer. Your assessment is based on the health information and family history you provide.

Your nurse will consult with highly trained cancer genetic counselors. They will determine your risk of getting cancer and if the cancers in your family are hereditary. 

Depending on your risk, your Genesis genetics nurse may offer you a risk assessment. You will also learn about screening or preventive options that can help reduce your risk of getting cancer or to catch the disease at an earlier stage, when it is more easily treated.

Is the Genesis Cancer Risk Program for You?

You should consider the Genesis Cancer Risk Program if:

  • You have a strong family history of cancer – two or more close relatives on the same side of the family with the same or related cancers, such as breast, ovarian, colon or uterine cancer.
  • You or a family member had cancer at an early age (under age 50) or had more than one kind of cancer.
  • You are from a family with an inherited kind of cancer.
  • You have had a rare cancer, such as male breast cancer.
  • You are anxious about your risk based on your family history.

Genetic Testing

The Genesis genetics nurse and physicians will help you decide if testing is right for you. Genetic testing involves having blood drawn and usually begins with a family member who has had cancer.

Additional Information

Find out more about the Genesis Cancer Risk Program or make an appointment by calling (740) 454-5973 or 1-800-322-4762, ext. 5973.


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Minimally Invasive

Genesis is using da Vinci Surgical System technology for complex surgical procedures, prostatectomy and some gynecological procedures.

Am I a Candidate?

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