Fighting cancer takes a team. If you and your doctor choose chemotherapy as one of your weapons, you'll have dedicated pharmacists and nurses trained in chemotherapy treatment on your side. They'll Chemoadminister and manage the effects of powerful cancer drugs as part of your cancer care.  

Getting just the right dose and using methods to reduce side effects helps fight cancer while maximizing quality of life for patients. You'll receive compassionate support and education from expert professionals who specialize in cancer treatment here in Zanesville, OH.

Chemotherapy treatment, the use of drugs to treat diseases, infections and especially cancer, is available for outpatients at Genesis Hematology and Cancer Care Center or for inpatients on a dedicated cancer unit at Genesis Good Samaritan Hospital.

For more information on Genesis Cancer Services, call Genesis Cancer Care at (740) 454-5992 or toll-free, 1-800-990-5992.

Breast Cancer Quiz

The number of new cases of breast cancer has jumped dramatically worldwide in the last 20 years. Keep yourself informed, try our Breast Cancer Quiz.

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