Pregnancy and Delivery Quality Ratings

C-sections for low-risk moms having first baby

C-section delivery is associated with an increased risk of postpartum (after delivery) maternal death when compared with vaginal delivery, an increased risk for fatal blood clots, infection, and complications of anesthesia.

Genesis 39%
State Average 26.3%


The most recent review about the effects of episiotomy showed that routine use of this procedure did not provide any benefit and increased risk or harm. Harm from this procedure includes injury to the perineum, need for stitches, experience of pain and tenderness, period of healing, incontinence of stool or gas and pain with intercourse. A benchmark or goal for hospitals is 2% or less.

Genesis 29%
State Average 10.4%

Surgical site infection in C-section patients

These infections may be directly related to an operative procedure. Some are minor and involve only the outer layer of skin or just below the outer layer of skin. Others may be deeper and more serious.

Genesis 1.5%
State Average 0.7%

Small babies (under 3.3 pounds) born at level 2

The best outcomes for very low birth weight (VLBW) infants occur when they are delivered in appropriate level maternity units. Babies born under 3.3 lbs have much better outcomes if delivered in a facility with immediate access to a regional or community level 3 NICU. Very low rates at Level 1 and 2 hospitals are better. In some instances, the birth of a small baby at a Level 1 or 2 hospital may be unavoidable due to the urgent deliveries. The rates for Level 1 and 2 hospitals may include these emergency births.

Genesis 0.4%
State Average 0.7%

Source: Ohio Department of Health Hospital Compare

January 2012-Dececmber 2012

Newborn delivery scheduled too early (1-3 weeks) when a scheduled delivery was not medically necessary

Guidelines developed by doctors and researchers say it's best to wait until the 39th completed week of pregnancy to deliver your baby because important fetal development takes place in your baby's brain and lungs during the last few weeks of pregnancy.

Genesis 11%
State Average 5%
National Average 6%

Source: Hospital Compare

January 2013 through September 2013