Pneumonia Process of Care

Pneumonia Patients Assessed and Given Pneumococcal Vaccination

The pneumococcal vaccine may help prevent, or lower the risk of complications of pneumonia caused by bacteria. It may also help prevent future infections.

Genesis 92%
State Average 94%
National Average 92%

Pneumonia Patients Whose Initial Emergency Room Blood Culture Was Performed Prior To The Administration Of The First Hospital Dose Of Antibiotics

A blood culture helps identify which bacteria may have caused pneumonia, and which antibiotic should be prescribed.

Genesis 100%
State Average 98%
National Average 98%

Patients Given the Most Appropriate Initial Antibiotic(s)

Using the right anibiotic to treat bacterial infections improves a patient's recovery.

Genesis 98%
State Average 96%
National Average 95%

Pneumonia Patients Assessed and Given Influenza Vaccination

Flu shots protect against another lung infection and help prevent the spread of influenza.

Genesis 84%
State Average 93%
National Average 90%

Source: Hospital Compare

October 2012 through September 2013