Knee Surgery Quality Ratings

Pre-surgery antibiotics - knee replacement

Patients given antibiotics, medicines that prevent and treat infections, within the hour before their operation are less likely to get wound infections.

Genesis 99%
State Average 98.9%

Appropriate preventative antibiotics - knee replacement

Certain antibiotics are recommended to help prevent wound infection for particular types of surgery. Hospitals can reduce the risk of wound infection after surgery by making sure the patient gets the right medication at the right time on the day of their surgery.

Genesis 100%
State Average 99.7%

Post-surgery antibiotics - knee replacement

This tells the percent of eligible patients whose prophylactic or preventive antibiotics were stopped within 24 hours after surgery ended. Taking antibiotics for more than 24 hours after routine surgery is usually not necessary and can increase the risk of side effects, such as stomach aches, serious types of diarrhea, and resistance to the antibiotic (the use of too much antibiotic can prevent them from being effective).

Genesis 100%
State Average 98.9%

Surgical site infection in knee replacement patients

These infections may be directly related to an operative procedure, some are minor and involve only the outer layer of skin or just below the outer layer of skin. Others may be deeper and more serious.

Genesis 0.4%
State Average 0.7%

Source: Ohio Department of Health Hospital Compare

January 2012-December 2012