Other Infection Measures Quality Ratings


Keeping hands clean is one of the most important ways to prevent the spread of infection and illness.

Does Genesis work on improving hand washing?  Y

Does Genesis teach proper hand washing and glove practices to all clinical staff upon hire?

Does Genesis monitor and provide feedback to clinical staff regarding their hand washing practices?  Y
In Genesis' clinical settings, are alcohol-based rubs available for use at the point of care?  Y
In Genesis' clinical settings, are gloves available for use at the point of care?  Y
Does Genesis prohibit the wearing of artificial (fake) nails by direct-care staff?  Y

Infection Control Staffing

The strength of the infection control program is directly related to the expertise and knowledge of the infection control program staff. Certification is seen as a fundamental standard among major health professions.

Does Genesis employ a qualified Infection Control Professional (ICP)?  Y
Does Genesis employ an Infection Control Professional (ICP) who is board certified in infection control (CIC)?  Y
Does Genesis have a board-certified Infectious Disease Physician either on staff or available for consult?  Y


Infection Prevention

Flu vaccination of healthcare workers

Influenza vaccination along with hand washing is the best way for healthcare workers to reduce the chance of becoming ill from influenza or giving influenza to their patients and co-workers.

Genesis 99.5%
State Average 75.6%

Source: Ohio Department of Health Hospital Compare

January 2012-December 2012