What Are Mock Rooms?

Mock rooms are extremely important in a project of our size and are commonly used during construction planning. They help you make the right decisions about room design, and can prevent you from making decisions that could cost a lot of money to correct after construction is done.

The rooms will be full-size replicas of what will be in the new Genesis hospital. Some real furniture and equipment will be included in the rooms; some life-size “mock” items (made of materials such as foam or cardboard in the exact shape of furniture and equipment) may also be used. The rooms will also include all fixtures — from overhead lighting and monitors to electrical outlets and hand-sanitizer dispensers. Windows will even be cut in to get a sense of how sunlight will enter the rooms. 

Testing the Space

Nurses, physicians, technicians and other support staff will be invited to tour the rooms and test how well the layout works. They will be asked to move around the space as though they were caring for patients and give feedback – is the furniture the right size, is the equipment in the right place, is it easy to move around to take care of  patients? It will be a test run before final decisions about the design are made and before construction begins.

The mock rooms will allow us to freely move around furniture, equipment, head walls, and even the location of plugs, lighting, etc. It’s a lot cheaper to test your design and make changes in a mock room than it is to make changes after construction is done and furniture and equipment has been purchased.

Genesis Mock Room Set-ups

Mock medical/surgical patient rooms will be set up at Bethesda. But for the larger areas – surgical suites, ED treatment rooms, ICU/CCU, Trauma and Pre- and Post-Op rooms – we don’t have empty spaces that are big enough to use. So, we need to lease a large space that has heating, lighting, air conditioning and bathrooms on site. After considering several options, the building on Coal Run Road best met our needs.

What It Will Cost

It will cost about $80,000 to set up the building on Coal Run Road for the mock rooms. We need to remove carpet tiles, install temporary walls to separate the space, remove some of the ceiling grids, add windows, and may install some of the actual flooring that we’re considering for our new medical center. We will lease the building for about a year. At the end of our lease, we will remove the temporary walls and restore the building to its original state.

Creating an Exceptional Patient Experience

Our new hospital will give us the opportunity to totally change the way we provide care. We need to be sure our facility design enables staff and physicians to care for patients in the most efficient way possible. Mock rooms will enable us to test room designs and workflows before final construction plans are refined. It’s a critical step to ensuring the final design enables you to provide an exceptional patient experience. Plans for the mock rooms are still in development, and we expect them to be complete by the first of the year. Additional information will be shared as plans are finalized.


Live Webcam

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Check out the progress of construction for the new Genesis medical center.

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