Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we've received regarding our plans for the new Genesis hospital. Please also review additional information on this section of our website for more details.

When will the new Genesis hospital open?

The new Genesis medical will open in 2015.

Will the new hospital include all private patient rooms?

Yes. The new Genesis medical center will include all private patient rooms.

How many beds will there be in the new hospital?

The new facility will have 260 beds – in all private patient rooms. We are currently using about 240 beds spread out between the two campuses. The facility is also being designed to be easily expanded if the need for more beds arises in the future.

How will the construction be paid for?

Genesis has secured bonds for most of the construction and equipment costs. A capital campaign, Your Hospital. Your Health., is also being conducted to raise $15 million.

What happens to the Good Samaritan building?

We have no plans for the reuse of the current Good Samaritan building, but the campus will remain a thriving medical campus. Our hospice building and the medical office buildings will remain on the site, and the campus will be an ideal location for further expansion of our outpatient services. All up-to-date furniture and equipment at Good Samaritan will be moved to the new facility to reduce costs.

The Franciscan Sisters of Sponsored Ministries owns the building and grounds at Good Samaritan and has been very involved in the overall strategic planning process and supports this decision. A thorough review of the site options will be conducted to see how the land at the Good Samaritan site can be redeveloped to serve new or other growing needs of our community.

Will Bethesda remain open during construction?

The emergency department will close on June 30, 2013 but the inpatient (Behavioral Health, Pediatrics, Orthopedics) and surgical services currently offered at Bethesda will continue to be offered. Learn more about the Bethesda ER closure.

Will there be enough parking?

A parking analysis has been done to ensure we have planned for sufficient parking for the new medical center. We are also moving several services and offices that do not need to be in the hospital to off-site locations, which will result in fewer people traveling onto the campus.

Will ambulances enter on Bell Street?

The plan is for ambulances to enter the campus from Maple Avenue at the current Bethesda entrance and through a new entrance that will be further south on Maple.

How will the old nursing home building on the campus be used?

The former nursing home building (currently Forest View Health Center) will house our behavioral health services and inpatient rehabilitation program.

What are you going to do with the ground where old apartments were torn down?

The former site of Barclay Place Apartments will be used for employee parking. During construction, it will be used for the storage of construction materials.

Where will the cancer center be built?

The new cancer center will be built on the north side of the hospital. It will have its own separate entrance and parking but will be attached to the hospital.

Since all Genesis services will be provided on one campus, will there be a Catholic identity?

We will be what we are today, which is a Catholic, community hospital. We will be open and very accepting of all religions. Bethesda and Good Samaritan have both always been faith-based organizations, and we are going to continue to live those values.

Will this increase health care costs?

The Genesis medical center will enable us to be more efficient and save $17 million a year by eliminating duplicated services, reducing the cost of maintaining aging buildings and caring for fewer square feet of space. The money saved can be used for direct patient care.

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