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Cardiothoracic Surgery

Since the inception of the Genesis open-heart surgery program in 2000, more than 1,100 open-heart procedures have been performed with outstanding quality outcomes.

The surgical team performs a wide variety of complex and high-risk cardiac and thoracic procedures.

Treatment & Procedures

This is a partial listing of conditions we treat and procedures performed by our surgeons:

Ventricular Remodeling

After a heart attack, scar tissue may form in your left ventricle and cause a bulge. Ventricular remodeling treats scar tissue-related problems by making your heart smaller and more efficient. In this procedure:

  • A heart/lung machine takes over for the heart, removing and oxygenating the blood.
  • A balloon is inserted inside the heart, its size calculated to match the heart size and shape requirements for that patient.
  • A circular suture is inserted to connect the opening for the patch and to bring the heart back to its correct conical shape, using the balloon as a guide.
  • Once the patch is in place, the balloon is removed and the heart maintains its remodeled size.

Open-Heart Recovery

Immediately after open-heart surgery at Genesis Hospital, patients stay in the open-heart recovery area (located in the critical care unit) where nurses continually assess and evaluate their status.

The typical length of stay in the open-heart recovery area is less than 24 hours.

Step-Down Unit

After staying in the open-heart recovery unit, patients move to the step-down unit where electronic monitors at each bedside enable constant monitoring.

This unit is also a step-down or observation area for patients who have undergone invasive cardiology procedures or are having heart attack symptoms.

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