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Linda Regula: Genesis Saved My LifeLinda_Regula

Art is a way of life for Linda Regula who has been painting for the past 30 years. Linda infuses her passion for life into each painting. No surprise, then, Linda’s passion for painting – and the skill of a Genesis physician – played a part in saving her life.

Five years ago, Linda and her husband, Jim Warren, decided to leave Columbus for a slower pace. However, with Jim’s health challenges – a dozen major surgeries in the previous three years – they needed access to quality hospitals.

“We talked with his doctors in Columbus,” recalled Linda. “They told us that Zanesville had a first-rate hospital capable of handling any problem [Jim] had.”

Quality Hospital and Vibrant Community

Zanesville not only offered the quality of Genesis HealthCare System, it also had a vibrant art community – important to Linda and Jim, who is also a painter. Hospitals and art: “Those were the two things that drew us to Zanesville,” said Linda.

After the move, the couple jumped into the local art scene and became active community volunteers. However, just three years later it was Linda’s health that took a surprising turn.

A few days after returning from a writers’ workshop in Kentucky, Linda was relaxing on the sofa when she suddenly felt nauseated. “When I stood up, I felt sweaty and dizzy,” she said. Jim asked what was wrong, and she brushed it off believing she was just catching a cold. Jim wasn’t convinced and rushed her to the hospital.

Emergency Room Visit

In the emergency room, Linda underwent several tests, but none identified the problem. However, the cardiac doctor on call persevered and determined that a virus had attacked Linda’s heart and interrupted its electrical system. Within minutes, Linda was on her way to Columbus for a pacemaker/defibrillator.

Since Linda’s incident, Genesis has brought on its own electrophysiologist, M. Magdy Migeed, M.D., a cardiologist who handles pacemakers, defibrillators and more. “Now I don’t have to go to Columbus anymore,” Linda says. “And I have a cardiologist here who monitors me every three months. If something happens, they can handle it here.”

Cardiac Rehab Program

When Linda returned to Zanesville, she participated in Genesis’ cardiac rehabilitation program where she learned how to live with her heart condition by exercising and losing weight, among other lifestyle changes. 

“I followed what they asked me to do,” says Linda. “Today there are no limitations on my activities. I do whatever I want to do. The rehab staff gave me the motivation, emotional support and knowledge to make the quality of my life better.”

Linda's Experience

Linda’s experience gives a unique perspective and comparison between health care in Columbus and at Genesis. From Linda’s point of view, there is little to compare.

“At Genesis the staff always treats me with a caring, respectful attitude, and I never feel as if I’m just another number,” Linda says. “During my heart problem, they looked beyond mild flu-like symptoms. They looked outside the box – and they saved my life.”

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