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Getting Back in the Community

As a physically fit Zanesville firefighter, Jeff Jadwin was the last person you’d think might have heart disease. Yet, something just didn’t feel right, and even though cardiac stress tests and EKGs showed nothing abnormal, his family history of heart disease prompted the doctors at Genesis HealthCare System to suggest a heart catheterization.

Critical Timing

During a heart catheterization, a long, thin, flexible tube is threaded through a blood vessel to the heart. This lets doctors see detailed pictures of the heart’s arteries. To everyone’s surprise, the procedure showed that Jeff’s left main artery was 95 percent blocked. A time-critical single bypass surgery was scheduled right away.
“He’s a big guy – he’s muscular; he looks like nothing is wrong with him,” said Dr. Greg Keagy, a cardiothoracic surgeon at Genesis who also treated Jeff’s dad. “But a little thing like that can cut you down. If that artery would have closed off, he would have had a very, very large heart attack and a big chance of dying.”

Choosing to Stay Close to Home

When it came to surgery and follow-up, it never entered Jeff’s mind to beJeff Jadwin and Keagy treated anywhere other than at Genesis. He knew Genesis had everything he needed: advanced technology, expert, compassionate care and a great rehab program. “Having this kind of care in town meant Jeff’s family could be there with him,” said Dr. Keagy. “He’s known in the area, and it’s a lot more comfortable when you’re in an atmosphere where people are looking out for you.”

A New Life

Jeff’s condition meant he could no longer be a firefighter, so he completed the cardiac rehab program at Genesis and just 10 weeks after surgery was able to begin his new life. Working at an emergency management office enables him to be involved in the community he loves while staying in touch with friends in the fire department. He also continues to provide CPR training to the community.
“I think people need to understand that the people Genesis has on staff are excellent,” said Jeff. “I feel I’ve really done extremely well because of them.”

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