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Procedure Treats Arrhythmia

Dave AddisSix years ago, a doctor told Dave Addis he had an irregular heart beat; atrial fibrillation to be exact. Addis was told he needed a procedure called ablation done to treat the abnormal heart rhythms – or arrhythmias – that he was experiencing.

Addis was Skeptical

Back then, Addis was fearful and skeptical of having the procedure, and he didn’t want to go to another city for it, so he waited. He continued to experience symptoms that affected the quality of his life, and his cardiologist recently told him he should again consider having the procedure done. The good news was that M. Magdy Migeed, M.D., a cardiac electrophysiologist and medical director of heart rhythm services at Genesis, could do the ablation procedure right here in Zanesville.

“Mr. Addis was having frequent episodes of atrial fibrillation,” Dr. Migeed said. “It was affecting his lifestyle – he was having racing heartbeats and trouble breathing at times.”

Dr. Migeed said Addis had abnormal electrical signals from the heart. He recommended ablation as the best treatment. 

“For the procedure, which is done with local anesthesia, a catheter is threaded through the veins from the groin area to the heart,” Dr. Migeed said. “We find the signals that are causing the abnormal rhythms and get rid of them by cauterization. We have new, highly advanced equipment here and well-trained staff. The volume of ablations we do continues to increase.”

The thin, flexible wires that are inserted into the vein have electrodes on the tips of them; the electrode sends out radio waves that create heat, and the heat destroys the heart tissue that causes atrial fibrillation. Patients go home the next day.

Amazing Recovery

“I have no skipping heartbeats now – it’s amazing,” Addis said. “The doctor said it would take about two to three months to completely recuperate – I can only imagine how great I’ll feel then.”

Addis said it made a big difference to him that he could get the procedure done locally at Genesis.

“I was a candidate six years ago in Columbus – I even had the procedure scheduled,” he said. “I was already going through a lot of emotional trauma and didn’t want the additional stress of having to go to Columbus. It made a substantial difference that I could have it done here; not just the procedure, but to have a local doctor for follow-up visits, it definitely made the decision to do this easier.

“I limited myself for years because of my condition,” he said. “I wish I had done the procedure six years ago, so I could have those years back. The daily stressors of life compounded the problem, so I had to be careful. Now, I feel much healthier and stronger. In fact, I decided to retire from my job and devote my time to my passion – working in general construction – something I couldn’t have done before.

Doctor's Recommendation

“I strongly encourage anyone who is concerned about whether or not to have the procedure done, if your physician recommends it – just do it,” Addis continued. “People have two of some things, but we only have one heart. It’s the engine and if it malfunctions, there’s no reserve – there’s no back-up. It’s important to take care of it, and we have the best physicians and hospital right here, so why go elsewhere?”

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