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Back to Work and Plays 

Trauma Team Helps Local Performer Get Back On

It was a beautiful fall day, and Rich Tolliver was putting the last piece of siding on a house for a construction job. That’s when something went terribly wrong. The scaffolding he was standing on moved for some unknown reason, and Rich fell 10 feet on his head hitting the corner of a concrete sidewalk.

He was transported to the Trauma Center at Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital where the trauma team instantly went into action. Rich had a skull fracture, a large cut on his scalp that exposed his skull, bleeding in his brain, strains in his back and was in and out of consciousness. Soon after he arrived at the hospital, his blood pressure began dropping, and Rich went from a trauma category 2 to a category 1 – the highest level with the most severe injuries. After his blood pressure was stabilized, he underwent surgery to close the gash on his head.

Expert Trauma Team

“The trauma team was super,” Rich said. “If there wasn’t trauma care at Genesis, I probably would have had to go to Columbus,” he said. Susie Piecynski, nurse practitioner, Genesis Trauma Services, was part of the team who provided immediate care when Rich arrived. “Having a trauma center close by means patients are able to get the care they need in a timely manner instead of always being transported to larger city farther away – which can be lifesaving in many situations,” she said. “A local trauma center also enables the patient’s family and friends to be close by.”

Rich had many family and friends visit during his eight-day stay in Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital. “I was impressed with the care I received and so was my family,” Rich said. “The staff at Genesis really cared, and I was in good hands.”

Back Under the Lights

After arriving home, Rich had physical and occupational therapy at Genesis Rehabilitation Services two times a week for six months. Less than a year later, Rich is back doing the things he loves to do like performing in the community theater productions and golfing.

When Rich first started physical therapy, he couldn’t even move his head without getting dizzy. “I wondered if I’d ever be able to get out of the easy chair, but thanks to the expert care I received here, I’m back performing,” he said. “I don’t want to go through this again, but I’m glad I went through it at Genesis. We’re fortunate to have a trauma team and this advanced level of care close by,” Rich said.

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