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A Miracle for Mariah

Mariah Swingle enjoys playing with her niece and driving around town – typical activities for a 20-year-old. However, Mariah is not your typical young adult after a motorcycle accident nearly took her life.

It happened in May 2014. Mariah lost her leg at the scene. She was transported by local EMS to Genesis-Good Samaritan. Her injuries were life-threatening, so a trauma code was called. The trauma team was ready when Mariah arrived at the Emergency Department (ED).

“We knew before she arrived this was the highest possible trauma,” said John Zimmerman, M.D., an emergency medicine specialist and medical director of Genesis Emergency Services.

Trauma Team Was Ready

Neil Vining, M.D., an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Genesis, stabilized Mariah’s pelvis and controlled the bleeding from her leg. “The whole trauma team was clearly prepared to deal with an injury as severe as Mariah’s. Having people on board experienced and trained in trauma made a big difference in the timeliness and level of her care and probably saved her life,” Dr. Vining said.

Storms prevented a life flight helicopter from flying, so Mariah had to be stabilized before she was transported to a Columbus Level I Trauma Center by the Genesis Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU).

Mariah spent six weeks in a Columbus hospital and returned to Select Specialty Hospital on the sixth floor of Genesis-Good Samaritan Hospital for continued care and rehabilitation. She appreciated the nurses who cared for her. She also looked forward to physical therapy. “I loved them. They let me take one day at a time and let me do a little more each day. They didn’t push me to do more than I was capable of doing.”

Remarkable, Can-do Attitude

Today Mariah is making a remarkable recovery. She has undergone 17 surgeries, looks forward to completing her degree in criminal justice, walks with forearm crutches, and plans to get a prosthetic leg. More-recent information about her ongoing medical struggles appears at https://www.facebook.com/prayersformariahlswingle/.

Dr. Zimmerman is quick to credit Mariah’s recovery with her can-do attitude. “Mariah’s outlook helped her get better,” Dr. Zimmerman said. “She was thrown a hard curve ball. She has a remarkable attitude of getting past this, getting better and not letting it keep her down. She’s bound and determined to heal.”

Thanks to the compassionate and expert care at Genesis – she’s on her way.

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